Remember, we have sent you an equal number of Plushies, bags and bandanas. Each child receives one of each as a set.

There are more agencies and kids who need them, would you help us to spread the word?

Here are some ways you can help

  1. Encourage others to visit to buy and give
  2. Share with your community and on your social media channels
  3. Pick your favorite Affirming Phrases (there are 12 on each Plushie's Bandana) and share pictures or a short video and why they matter to you.

 >> HERE are some PHOTOS you can share <<

The 12 Affirming Phrases:

• You are seen • You are heard
• You are chosen
• You belong
• You are enough
• You matter
• You are special
• You are a gift
• You are brave
• You are not alone
• You are loved
• Now I am known


Here is a simple outline for a social media post to share:

  1. Start with something personal and relatable about you and the work you do for kids
  2. Share your experience about Peter and Anthony and Now I Am Known
  3. Share about how the Plushies will make a difference for your kids
  4. Invite people to take action. Tag @nowiamknown and/or @fosterdadflipper in your posts.

Here is an example:

     Thank you for everything you do and for helping us reach more kids

    Email us